Municipal Affairs Section

About :

There are four Municipality under Uttar Dinajpur District namely Raiganj, Kaliyaganj, Dalkhola and Islampur Municipality.

As per Census 2011, total population of Raiganj Municipality is 183612 (Male-96384, Female-87228, SC-27020, ST-1711), Kaliyaganj Municipality is 53530 (SC-12760, ST-418), Dalkhola Municipality is 36796 (Male-19328, Female-17468, SC-9235, ST-960), Islampur Municipality is 54340 (SC-9044, ST-587)

Administrative Hierarchy :

  1. District Magistrate & Collector
  2. Additional District Magistrate (General)
  3. Officer-in-Charge
  4. UDC
  5. Retd. Employee
  6. Gr. D Staff

Functions & Services offered :

  • All kind of development works of ULB level.
  • Co-ordination with all Chairman and Executive Officer of all Municipality for better delivery of works.
  • Implementation of all Social welfare schemes at ULB level like Kanyashree, Rupashree, LakshmirBhandar, Swasthyasathi, Aikyashree, Pension (Manabik, Old Age, Widow, Jai Jahar, TapashiliBandhu etc.).
  • Issuance of different kinds of certificate like Birth and Death Certificate, Income Certificate etc.
  • Providing various online services through BSKs.
  • Vector borne disease control in the Urban areas.
  • Organisation of different programmes of the Govt. like Duare Sarkar, Paray Samadhan, Youth Parliament, Rakhi Bandhan Utsav, Kanyashree Divas etc.

Schemes :

  • HFA
  • Swachh Bharat Mission / Mission Nirmal Bangla (IHHL, CT & PT)
  • MAA Canteen
  • MDM
  • Swasthyasathi
  • Saboojsathi
  • Shikshashree
  • Rupashree
  • Kanyashree
  • 15th FC
  • Lakshmir Bhandar
  • Pension
  • BSK
  • Anandadhara

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