Disaster Management

The relief activities of Relief Department may be divided into three categories :

      1. Normal Relief

        1. Gratuitous Relief ( G.R.)
        2. Special G.R. ( Leprosy)
        3. Starvation G.R.
      2. Emergency Relief

        1. Special G.R.
        2. Relief Contingency
        3. Relief Materials
        4. House Building Grant
      3. Other Assistance

        1. Ex-Gratia Grant to the bereaved families of victims of natural calamities.
        2. Financial assistance from Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.
        3. Ex-Gratia Grant to the bereaved families of victims of riots, arson, etc.
        4. Economic Rehabilitation Grant.
        5. Scheme for construction of :- (i)Relief Godown / Stores & (ii) Flood / Cyclone Shelters.
      4. SPECIAL G.R. ( LEPROSY)

        Leprosy colony dwellers are provided with such G.R. monthly @ 12 Kgs. food grains (fine rice) per adult and half of the scale per minor. Such colonies presently exist in Bankura, Burdwan, Hooghly, Paschim Medinipur and Purulia districts only.

      5. STARVATION G. R.

        Cash G.R. is provided to prevent death out of Starvation on need base cases. (one full unit of cash G.R. = Rs.120/- per month per adult or half of the rate for a minor)

Emergency Relief :

    1. SPECIAL G. R.

      Special G.R. is granted in kind (Wheat / Rice) as emergency relief for a temporary period to the marooned people out of any natural calamity as well as to the victims of fire accident / riot / arson.


      Relief Contingency is utilized for payment of hiring cost of boats used in rescue and relief operation, preparation of temporary shelters, transportation of food and other relief & rescue materials, purchase of dry foods, maintenance of gruel kitchen, etc.


      Relief materials like tarpaulin, dhuti, sharee, lungi, children garment, blanket, milk powder, etc. are distributed to the victims of natural calamities and of accidental fire on need base cases.


      House Building Grant is paid to the indigent families who are living Below Poverty Line and whose total family income do not exceed Rs 2500/- per month, to rebuild or repair their damaged / destroyed /dwelling houses as a result of natural calamities and accidental fire.

The present scale for payment of H.B. Grant (NC) :

  1. For fully damaged houses : Rs.20000/- per family
  2. For partly damaged houses: Rs 5000/-per family

In case of damage to dwelling houses by accidental fire, The present scale for payment of H.B. Grant (Accidental Fire) :

  1. For fully damaged kutcha houses: Rs.15000/- per family
  2. For partly damaged kutcha houses: Rs 3200/-per family

Other Assistance :


Ex-Gratia Grant is paid to the next of kin of the person who suffers loss of life due to Natural Calamity such as flood, cyclone, earthquake, tornado, hailstorm, lightning, etc. as well as for accidental fire. It may be pointed out here that Ex-Gratia Grant is not paid to the bereaved family of the person who suffers loss of life due to snakebite during any natural calamity. Present scale of payment of such Grant is Rs.200,000/- per deceased for Natural Calamity and Rs.100,000/- per deceased for Snakebite.

Essential papers required for sanction of Ex-Gratia Grant by the concerned District Magistrates

  1. Application of the claimant(s)
  2. Attested copy of death certificate
  3. Attested copy of Post-Mortem Report
  4. Police Report
  5. Proforma Report with recommendations of the Gram Panchayat Pradhan, B.D.O., Savapati of the Panchayat Samity / Chairman of the Municipality/Urban Authority, S.D.O.

The present scales of assistance under E.R.Grant to destitute family/Ex- T .B. patient are as under

  1. Purchase of sewing machine : Not exceeding Rs.10,000/- per beneficiary.
  2. Other individual cases : Not exceeding Rs.15,000/- per beneficiary.

Restrictions : – E.R. Grant should not be sanctioned to a family more than once

SCHEME FOR CONSTRUCTION OF i) RELIEF GODOWN/ STORES & (ii) FLOOD/CYCLONE SHELTERS. Release of fund for such constructions is restricted to the limit as under

Relief godown at Block / Sub-Divisional Hqrs. : Rs.18,12,000/-

Flood / Cyclone Shelter : Rs.60,94,000/-