District Inspector of Schools- PRIMARY EDUCATION

Flash Events / Programmes / Latest Happenings :

  • Significant change in disbursement of Primary Teachers’ Salary :

For long time past, the salary of Primary Teachers was being disbursed through Bank wise Cheques as per Journals. Individual Banks used to transfer the salary to their branches and said Bank Branches, in turn, credited the salary to the respective accounts as per Journals. It was a time consuming process which depended upon the sweet will of the Banks occasionally caused delay in payment.

Now, from February 2016, the salary of Primary Teachers’ is being disbursed directly to the teachers’ Bank accounts through ECS from the Treasury end instantly using Xml Primary Teachers’ data downloaded from i-OSMS (Integrated Online Salary Management System) and uploaded to IFMS (Integrated Financial Management System).
It is more scientific, fast and accurate way of disbursing salary on the 1st day of every month.

  • Free Nationalised Text Books in every hand, Black School Shoes in every foot :

Disbursement of Free Black School Shoes to every pupil of classes I to IV is also under process
Free Nationalised Text Books of eight media viz. Bengali, Santhali, Odiya, Telegu, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu and English have been given to all the pupils from Pre-Primary to Class V.

  • Introduction of E-Pension :

The Government of West Bengal as well as the Department of Pension, Provident Fund & Group Insurance (DPPG) has taken an initiative for payment of pension on the date of superannuation or immediately before superannuation to the employees of Non-Government Educational Institutions, Municipalities, Panchayats and certain other Organizations. In this regard DPPG mandate the system of issuing Pension Payment Order (PPO) to the respective employer.

  • Pictorial wall writing on Preventive Measures of Vector Borne Diseases:

Recently as a part of an intensive awareness generation campaign on the preventive measures of vector borne disease like Covid 19,Dengue, Malaria,Japanese Encephalitis etc ,a pictorial wall writing at primary and upper primary schools were organized.

  • Nirmal Bidyalay programme and safai avijan :

Nirmal Bidyalay and Safai Avijan is carried every year where for one week the school is cleaned and hand washing practices are carried and also tabloos, flexes, rallies, and various competitions are done at school level to make the programme successful

About Us :

School Education in West Bengal is administered by the Department of School Education and Directorate of School Education with district and Sub-District Offices. All education policies are being executed through the District Inspectorate and District Primary School Council. Inspecting Officers of different categories under the District Inspectorate are playing pivotal roles in expanding quantitative and qualitative education through monitoring and supervision at the school level. The Inspectors have been discharging their duties sincerely since Pre-Independence. The main function of the Inspectors is to inspect the schools for qualitative changes in teaching-learning process through interaction with the learners, teachers and the community. In fact, Inspectors perform both the academic and managerial duties. They are often regarded as the facilitators of teachers and administrators. Besides, the formulation of proposal for establishment of new schools and its functioning are ensured by the Inspectors. Again, different schemes like Cooked Mid Day Meal Programme, distribution of the Nationalised Text Books, Annual Sports etc. are implemented by the Inspecting Officers. Apart from those, the Inspecting officers deal with district and sub-district level administration and Court Case matters as well. The areas of activities of Inspectors are being increased day by day. In recent times, the roles of the Inspectors have been diversified in different areas like compliance of RTE, implementation of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, Kanyashree Prakalpa, Sabuj-Sathi Prakalpa etc. and distribution of Black School Shoes as well.

Sub-Division- 2

Block- 9

Municipality- 4

Educational Circle- 17

Some specific functions :

  • Academic Inspection as well as Inspection of Cooked Mid Day Meal Programme in Primary / Jr. Basic Schools and controlling offices of the Sub-Inspectors of Schools and Assistant Inspectors of Schools working at Block level.
  • Sanctioning Pension & Gratuity in respect of every retired/expired teacher, office staff and employee of the DPSC.
  • Payment of GISS, Leave Salary, Commutation Value of Pension Payment, PF Final Payment etc. at superannuation in respect of every Govt. employee attached to Head Quarter and Circle offices.
  • Distribution of free Nationalised Text Books free of cost for all classes from Pre-Primary to Class V.
  • Conducting Educational surveys.
  • Co-ordinating DLIT for recognition of Private Schools.
  • Set up of New Primary Schools.

Awards, Honours, Achievements :

National Award :

The National award to the Teachers awarded by the President of India on 5 September (Teacher’s Day) every year to give public recognition to the meritorious teachers working in primary, middle and secondary schools in India The teachers of following categories will be considered for award:

  • Teachers with disabilities working in regular schools.
  • Special teacher or trained general teachers who may have done outstanding work for Inclusive Education.

The selection is made by a State level Selection Committee/Central Award Committee presided over by Director (Education)/Head of the Organization with a nominee of the Union Government as a member. The names of the teachers as recommended by the Committee are forwarded by the State Government / Organizations in order of merit. The Government of India makes the final selection on the basis of merit. The award carries a medal, certificate, and INR 50,000/- as award money.

Shiksha Ratna :

Teachers are awarded siksha ratna award for their excellence and dedication in the field of education along with their devotion to develop the school quality. For this every year names of the teachers having minimum 20 years of service and as per quota of the district from recognized schools of the district as proposed by the district committee is send to the Commissioner of School Education.