Fisheries Department

Fisheries at a glance :

Fisheries Department of the then Government of West Bengal was first set up in the year 1911.

Thereafter, on the recommendation of the Bengal Retrenchment Committee, the Department was abolished in the year 1923. The Department was again revived in the year 1942 as it was felt necessary to cope with the growing needs for increase in production of fish by way of exploring all the available impounded water resources in the then undivided Bengal primarily for two reasons:

  1. Love of fish in the diet for every Bengali family and,
  2. Increase in population.

After revival of the Department in the year 1942, it has been functioning continuously till date.

The scope of activities of the Department had been expanding gradually and since the beginning of the first five year plan, increasing number of schemes are being taken up for development of pisciculture in West Bengal with a view to not only attaining self-sufficiency in regard to production of fish in the State but also exploring possibilities for exporting fish and fish products across the country and abroad.

Because of involvement of the Department in multi-directional fishery related activities, it has been renamed as the Department of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources & Fishing Harbors (hereinafter referred to as the Department) in May, 2001.

The Department has, under its administrative control, one Directorate i.e. Directorate of Fisheries, West Bengal with its officers posted in the headquarters and districts ( as Assistant Director of Fisheries )responsible for not only implementing various programmes and policies of the Department with the object of increasing production of fish of various species by way of exploring different methods of culture keeping parity with the modern scientific and technological developments in the world but also for disseminating knowledge and methods of scientific pisciculture to entrepreneurs and fish farmers by way of imparting training at regular intervals at different places.

Besides, there is one agency namely, Fish Farmers’ Development Agency (FFDA) under the control of the Department.

All the Corporations, apex body and agency as noted above are engaged in executing multi-dimensional activities of the Department related to comprehensive development of fisheries and upliftment of socio- economic condition of the fishermen community which continue to belong to the under privileged section of the society.

Function & Service Offered :

Assistant Director of Fisheries :

  • The Assistant Director of Fisheries of respective district will be the nodal officers who will be accountable for the entire departmental activities in their jurisdiction.
  • He shall have the Technical/ Administrative control of area under their jurisdiction and on the work of staff under their control.
  • He will execute the plans & schemes earmarked by the Director of Fisheries.
  • Budget control of various Fisheries schemes under him.
  • He shall act as D.D.O. in respect of own office & staff working under them.
  • They will attend the departmental review meetings & District level meetings held in the respective districts/ jurisdiction where their presence is needed.
  • They will provide quality fish seed supplies & technical assistance to the fish farmers.
  • They will ensure implementation of the different W.B. Fisheries Act and Rules.
  • They will Issue ID card to the fishermen.
  • They shall conduct inspection of field office under their control.

District Fishery Officer :

  • They will process various schemes under component plan.
  • They will process different cases link with subsidy (if any) of fish farmers.
  • They will assist the Assistant Director of Fisheries in the implementation of various schemes and plans.
  • They will impart training and technical assistance to the fish farmers.
  • Any other duty assigned by the Assistant Director of Fisheries.

Fishery Extension Officer :

  • Survey fish stocks
  • They will process various schemes under component plan.
  • Conduct surveys of water bodies / fish pond , hatchery , feed plant ,
  • Submission of reports
  • Inspect fish markets
  • Handle the fish sample & act as a nodal officer of block laboratory.
  • Regular conduct of Fish Farmers day , awareness campaign, seminars , workshop etc
  • Analyze data and produce reports
  • Provide advice to members of the PFCS , FPG & farmers, etc
  • Any other duty assigned by the Assistant Director of Fisheries.

SAE (Civil) :

  • He will prepare estimates for departmental construction works.
  • He will work under the supervision of Executive Engineer at Head Office (Kolkata) & Assistant Engineer (Civil).
  • Any other duty assigned by the Director (Fisheries)/ Assistant Director of Fisheries.


  • The ICAC shall be responsible for all the work relating to Statistical Branch.
  • He shall compile all the fisheries concerned reports received from field offices.
  • Any other duty assigned by the Assistant Director of Fisheries.

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