District Health & Family Welfare Department

Health Infrastructure:

In the Uttar Dinajpur district Health Care Services consists of hospital based and community based services. The hospital based services are provided through non-bedded Primary Health (Centres (12), bedded Primary Health Centres (7), Block Primary Health Centres (2), Rural Hospitals (7), State General Hospital (1), Sub-Divisional Hospital (1), Superspeciality Hospital (1) and a Medical College (1). The total number of hospital beds available in the district is 1373

The Raiganj Government Medical College & Hospital

is the tertiary level hospital located at Raiganj town, runs with 508 beds (apart from a COVID ward of 61 beds) and provides Medical Training (MBBS) training to 100 students each year. The RGMCH has specialized units like Critical Care Unit (CCU), Special New Born Care unit (SNCU), Thalassemia Control Unit (TCU), Dialysis Unit, Blood Bank and Blood Component Separation Unit and Link Anti-Retroviral Centre. Apart from these specialized services RGMCH also has a Fair Price Medicine Shop and CT scan facilities. Very soon the medical college would have Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) too. Apart from routine diagnostic facilities, facilities for testing for Dengue, Scrub typhus and Japanese encephalitis are available at Raiganj Government Medical College &Hospital.

The Sub-Divisional Hospital at Islampur

is 200 bedded and has Level III Trauma Care Facility, Anti-Retroviral Therapy Centre, Blood Bank, Palliative Care services and a Fair Price Medicine Shop. Very soon the hospital will be having CT scan facilities and Dialysis facilities. Apart from routine diagnostic facilities, facilities for testing for Dengue and Scrub typhus are available at Islampur SDH.

The Superspeciality hospital at Islampur

is 300 bedded and currently caters to Maternal Care services and also has the Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU).

The State General Hospital (SGH) at Kaliyaganj

is currently 60 bedded. Recently, it has been sanctioned for upgradation to a 250 bedded SGH.

Each of the 7 (seven) Rural Hospitals, 2 Block Primary Health Centres and the 7 bedded Primary Health Centre are delivery points and provide basic hospital services, well as, community health services, including public health and mother and child health care services. The 12 non-bedded PHCs provided routine Out-patient services.
In the 4 municipalities of Uttar Dinajpur district, there are

Urban Primary Health Centres (UPHCs) – 4 at Raiganj and 1 each at Kaliyaganj and Islampur

. Apart from the UPHCs, Urban Health Wellness Centres are also coming up in the 4 municipalities of Raiganj, Kaliyaganj, Islampur and Dalkhola. Very soon the Raiganj Municipality will be operationalizing an Urban Polyclinic with specialist services.

Health Sub-Centres:

Currently Uttar Dinajpur has 292 Health Sub-Centres manned by either Health Assistant (Female) or Community Health Assistant or both and provide preventive and promotive care, including routine immunization of vaccines approved under the Universal Immunization Programme, COVID vaccination and medications as approved under the various National Programmes, public health and mother and child health care services.

Health Wellness Centres/SuSwasthya Kendras

: Currently, 164 Health Wellness Centres/SuSwasthya Kendras are operating in the district, which are manned by a Community Health Officer (CHO) and Health Assistant (Female) or Community Health Assistant or both and provide services related to Non-Communicable diseases including management of diabetes, hypertension, cancer, oral health and Telemedicine services apart from the services rendered in Health Sub-Centres.

Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre:

A 10 (Ten) bedded Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres runs at the Dalkhola PHC in Karandighi block, which caters to malnourished children for the entire district of Uttar Dinajpur

AYUSH services:

Apart from the health units providing services under modern system of medicine, AYUSH (Indian System of Medicine including Homeopathy and Ayurveda) services are provide through 15 (Fifteen) State Homeopathic Dispensaries, 5 (Five) State Ayurvedic Dispensaries and 1 (One) Speciality Ayurveda Dispensary at Islampur SDH.

Services of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA)

: Currently, 1888 ASHAs are engaged in providing health care services in the different blocks of the district.

Administrative Hierarchy:

At the Raiganj Government Medical College & Hospital, the Medical College (Academic department) is under the control of the Principal and the Medical College Hospital administration is under the control of Medical Superintendent and Vice Principal.

At the district level, the health administration is headed by the Chief Medical Officer of Health. The following administrative health officers are present at the district, sub-divisional and block level:


  • Deputy CMOH-I: District Reserve Stores, Transport pool, National Urban Health Mission, District Quality Assurance Programme & Kayakalp, Swasthya Sathi, General Health administration, etc.
  • Deputy CMOH-II: Public Health except Leprosy, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS
  • Deputy CMOH-III: Mother and Child Health Care
  • DMCHO: Maternal Health Care, PC&PNDT and New Born Care
  • Zonal Leprosy Officer: National Leprosy Eradication Programme
  • ACMOH (PH&FW) &District TB Officer: Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS & Blood Safety
  • District Public Health Nursing Officer: Mother & Child Health Care, NRC and Nursing
  • District Medical Officer (AYUSH)


  • ACMOH of Raiganj and Islampur Sub-Division
  • Superintendents of Sub-Divisional/Superspeciality and State General Hospital


  • Block Medical Officer of Health

Services Offered:

  • National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPVB) – Chokher Alo
  • National Centre for Vector Borne Disease Control
  • Indoor Residual Spray
  • National Tobacco Control Programme
  • National Programme for Prevention & Control of Cancer, Diabetes, 
  • National Programme for Health Care for Elderly (NPHCE)
  • National Programme for Palliative Care (NPPC)
  • National Programme for Prevention and Control of Fluorosis (NPPCF)
  • National Programme for Prevention & Control of Deafness (NPPCD)
  • Haemoglobinopathies Control Programme (HCP)
  • National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Programme (NIDDCP)
  • National Oral Health Programme (NOHP)
  • National Mental Health Programme (NMHP)
  • National Programme for Climate Change and Human Health (NPCCHH)
  • National Viral Hepatitis Control Programme (NVHCP)
  • National Rabies Control Programme (NRCP)
  • Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP)
  • National AIDS Control Programme (NACP)
  • National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP)
  • National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP)
  • Civil Registration System (Janma Mrityu Tathya)
  • Municipality for urban areas
  • Gram Panchayats for rural areas
  • Disability Certification Camps
  • Food Safety
  • Telemedicine (Swasthya Ingit)
  • Universal Immunization Programme
  • Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY)
  • Bangla Matri Prakalpa (PMMVY)
  • Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakram (JSSK)
  • Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK)
  • Rashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK)
  • Sishu Saathi Prakalpa
  • Training of Informal Health Workers

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